Steel products

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Range of products

– Rebars
– Steel beams
– Steel pipes
– Galvanized coils and pipes
– Round bards
– Stainless steel pipes
– Hot/Cold rolled products



All required certifications (CE marking, EN 10025-1:2004, etc)

Order quantity

The overall minimum order quantity is 25 tons.
The minimum order quantity for the same product (same characteristics, same section and same length) is 10 tons.

Delivery time

The average delivery time in the port of destination in EEC is 40 days.


We propose the possibility of having the cargo checked before loading by Bureau Veritas in China.
This check includes the following: visual cargo check, quantity check, certificate check.
This allows validation by Bureau Veritas of the Bill of Lading.

Cost :
Order less than 150 tons: +€100 per ton
Order 150 to 250 tons: +50€ per ton
Order of 250 tons and more: included in the price

Payment terms

Condition 1

First payment : 30% on order.
Second payment : 70% one week before unloading at destination port in EEC in exchange for the Bill of Lading.

Condition 2

Transferable Letter of Credit.
10% prices increase.

Final shipment

Upon arrival of the goods at the port of entry into EEC, we proceed to the customs clearance. After that the goods are available for final shipment to final destination.

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