Production location :

China. The products are manufactured by a factory that we know well and with whom we have already worked on several occasions.

With us you can get up excellent quality for very reasonable prices and guaranteed production deadlines.

Contreplaqué bouleau A/ABContreplaqué bouleau A/AB

Origin of the woods :

We hereby certify that the wood does not come from Russia. This is guaranteed by the FSC certificate the manufacturer has.

Birch: North China
Eucalyptus: China
Okoume: Africa
Beech: CEE
Rubber tree: South Asia
Paulownia: China

Contreplaqué bouleau A/AB

Glues :

The glues used are phenolic glues which comply with standards EN 636-1, EN 636-2 and EN 636-3. The EN 636-3 standard is required for outdoor use and in humid environments.


The standard minimum quantity is 2 pallets.

Production time + estimated transport:

By sea: 7-8 weeks
This may vary depending on the international situation, and more particularly whether the Suez Canal is accessible or not. In times of troubles this period may be extended by 3/4 weeks.

Contreplaqué bouleau A/AB

Miscellaneous remarks:

Considering the rapid variations in transport costs, prices must be confirmed previous any order.

Our prices are carriage paid, excluding VAT. All customs duties existing on December 31, 2023 are included.